Epoxy Bushing vs Porcelain Bushing – A Comprehensive Comparison

Epoxy vs Porcelain Bushings: A Detailed Examination by Indisol

At Indisol, we specialize in the production of epoxy bushings, a product that has proven to be a superior choice over traditional porcelain bushings. Here, we present a factual analysis to support this claim.

Epoxy bushings are more durable and resilient compared to porcelain bushings. They have a flexural strength up to 15 times that of porcelain, indicating their ability to withstand significant stress before breaking or deforming.

In terms of weight, epoxy bushings are lighter than porcelain bushings. This difference not only simplifies the installation process but also reduces the load on supporting structures.

Maintenance requirements for epoxy bushings are lower than those for porcelain bushings. Epoxy bushings are less likely to crack or chip, which reduces the need for frequent inspections and repairs. In contrast, porcelain bushings are more prone to developing surface defects that can lead to electrical breakdowns. Furthermore, the thermal coefficient of expansion for epoxy bushings is 1/20th that of porcelain, reducing the risk of damage due to temperature changes.

While epoxy bushings may initially cost more, their long-term benefits often result in a lower total cost of ownership compared to porcelain bushings. The cost of epoxy tooling is lower than that of porcelain, making it more economical for low number production runs.

From an electrical performance perspective, epoxy bushings demonstrate excellent properties. They have high dielectric strength and low partial discharge, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. Porcelain bushings, although they possess good electrical properties, can be more susceptible to partial discharge and electrical breakdown, particularly if surface defects are present.

In conclusion, the factual evidence supports the superiority of epoxy bushings over porcelain bushings in terms of durability, weight, maintenance needs, cost-effectiveness, and electrical performance. As the industry moves towards more advanced and reliable electrical systems, epoxy bushings are expected to play a significant role in this development.

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