At Indisol we combine epoxy resins and the highest quality materials with the latest technology.

Indisol epoxy resins

Excellent material for electrical insulation. A single material responsible for mechanical and electrical functions, capable of encapsulating components: robust and monolithic insulating solutions;

Aromatic resins for interior applications for low, medium, high and very high voltage;

Cycloaliphatic systems filled with pre-treated silica for outdoor use applications and with high levels of humidity and/or pollution, for low, medium, high and very high voltage;Special systems developed according to specified electrical, thermal and mechanical performance.

Indisol Process

Current resin processing capacity: 2000 ton/year;

Vacuum processing technology in the preparation of resins;

Gelation Technology under Pressure at temperature for medium or large series, always with dielectric reliability and dimensional accuracy;

Automatic In-house metalization and sand blasting;

29 mechanical presses, capable of molding from heavy pieces (50kg and over 1m) to small and precise pieces;

Vacuum or atmospheric pressure casting, for small series or for special requirements.

Indisol Characterization and Test Capability

Electrical Tests:

Industrial Frequency up to 150kV
Partial Discharges up to 150kV
High Voltage/current metrology: Accuracy control of sensors (amplitude and phase)
Contact resistance

Dimensional Tests
Mechanical tests:


Technical Tests:

Helium tightness
X-ray Radioscopy
Differential Scanning
Calorimetry (DSC)
Rheology and Density