Automatic In-house metalization and sand blasting

Indisol implements a new surface treatment process, expanding its capacity and diversifying the offer of technological processes in the manufacture of components for the Transmission and Distribution of Electricity.

A new surface treatment resource, involving mechanical stripping and the projection of metallic or organic coatings, is now at the service of its customers, allowing it to expand its design and production capacity. High voltage components can be treated robotically, in order to control the distribution of electrical stress and promote protection against atmospheric agents.

This centre, being robotized, allows fine control of the processes, in order to guarantee the highest quality, in critical medium and high voltage applications. Electrical Energy Transport and Distribution equipment are critical assets in today’s society, requiring maximum reliability and quality.

Hence the components that give it body, have to go through the most demanding quality control processes. Indisol has been using these processes by subcontracting, an option that it will continue to use and develop. But having the process in-house makes it possible to offer more specialized services with greater added value, namely in the development stages and for more critical processes.