Indisol’s Climate Chamber: Guaranteeing Peak Performance for Electrical Insulators

We are pleased to share our recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art climate chamber. This advanced chamber, with an impressive temperature range of -75°C to 180°C and a controlled air environment, comes equipped with the ability to introduce high voltage and current into its controlled environment. This capability allows us to simultaneously conduct electrical tests and thermal cycles, characterizing the behaviour of our electrical insulators over a wide range of temperatures. In addition to its conventional use for temperature cycle testing, the climate chamber has become an invaluable tool for various applications, perfectly aligning with our commitment to innovation and technological quality to assist our customers in developing better insulation solutions for their equipment, increasingly subject to more demanding stresses. Here’s a glimpse of how we are experiencing its key applications:
  1. Studying Material Interactions: Exploring potential interactions between different materials has become a critical part of our research. This is especially relevant in industries where material compatibility is crucial for seamless integration. Our insulators integrate ceramic, metallic, and polymeric subcomponents, which naturally exhibit distinct thermomechanical behaviours but are now bound in the same monolith, further subjected to high electrical stress.
  2. Identifying Potential Failure Mechanisms: The chamber has empowered us to proactively identify possible failure mechanisms in materials, components, and products. This proactive approach significantly contributes to designing more robust solutions that are not only reliable but also durable.
  3. In the specific field of metrology and sensing, particularly assessing the long-term stability of metrological response. Investigating the long-term stability of sensors has become a fascinating aspect of our research. This insight is particularly crucial in sectors where assets are specified for life cycles spanning several decades.
  4. In the context of climate change, where thermal amplitudes are widening, and peak episodes are becoming more frequent, it is necessary to extend operating temperature ranges. Evaluating the sensitivity of equipment, especially sensors, to temperature becomes relevant. Characterizing performance with temperature scanning allows for designing intelligent solutions that accommodate or mitigate temperature variation, enabling smart fine-tuning of equipment.
Our strategic investment in this advanced climate chamber underscores INDISOL‘s commitment to providing high-quality solutions across various sectors. Join us on this exciting journey as we embark on innovative projects, leveraging the capabilities of our state-of-the-art equipment and the enthusiasm of our team to tackle new challenges for our customers.