Harnessing Digital Transformation for Efficiency and Reliability

At Indisol, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality epoxy insulators for the T&D and railway industries. Embracing digital transformation, we have not only improved our production process and reduced paper usage by 40% but also utilized digitalization to update work processes, routines, and procedures, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our integration of digital technologies allows us to track individual components throughout the manufacturing process, leading to greater efficiency. We can now monitor the direct influence of temperature, pressure, and TG on partial discharge results in real-time, offering customers increased confidence in the durability and reliability of our epoxy insulators.

Digitalization also enables us to regularly review and update our work processes, routines, and procedures. This continuous improvement approach ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry advancements and maintain the highest standards in our manufacturing operations.

In addition, our adoption of environmentally friendly practices has cut paper usage by 40%, reducing our carbon footprint and saving costs associated with paper waste and storage.

Our commitment to incorporating advanced technologies has been recognized by industry leaders and environmentalists. As the manufacturing sector continues to advance digitally, we anticipate even greater improvements in efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility.

At Indisol, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products while contributing to a greener and more productive future through digitalization, a focus on efficiency, control, sustainability, and continuous process improvement.