Turnkey solutions that cover all phases of the process, from A to Z, without concerns.
Turnkey solutions that cover all phases of the process, from A to Z, without concerns.

Indisol Services

Design, development, testing and validation of insulating customized solutions in epoxy resin for low, medium, high and very high voltage.
The following services are noteworthy:
Realização  de projetos de A a Z

Development of projects A to Z,

from the design of the insulating solution to its production/industrialization
Fabrico e industrialização de soluções isolantes fornecidas pelos  clientes

Production and industrialization of insulating solutions provided by customers

Design review, prototyping and testing services

Consultadoria  técnica

Technical consultancy

Where we are

Indisol is placed in a business segment and market where the processes used are of high technology. The export share is about 85%, driven mainly for the European market and North Africa.
Indisol has in the international market its main customers: Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB Ltd,  in between others medium voltage equipment manufacturers, transportation and electricity distribution companies (T&D), the railway line companies and companies that use SCADA systems to monitor the medium voltage network.

Export time

Bilbao - 6h14m

Export time

Strasbourg - 17h48m

Export time

Frankfurt - 22h

Export time

Warsaw - 28h

Export time

Stockholm - 32h

Export time

Casablanca - 13h09m

Export time

Algiers - 19h27m


Indisol main goal is to contribute to the success of your projects with our professionalism and efficiency. Therefore, we produce according to the highest quality standards, certified by ISO9001 Quality Management System.